What does Chapters Editing (postproduction/editing)  mean?

RAW footage is separate media files in high resolution. One take= 1 file. Usually cameraman doesn’t turn his camera off (walking to or awaiting for something) to make sure he catch all important moments, also sometimes he makes double takes of something - that is why RAW footage contents a lot of extra(trash)footage. Also sometimes photographers, quests or service staff of the events may step into the camera frame interfering the shooting process. Postproduction(editing) includes:

  1. watching all the footage long
  2. cutting off all the trash or technical footage
  3. composing and correcting of takes
  4. color correction
  5. audio synced and correction
  6. video mixing (for multicamera)
  7. titles adding
  8. final reviewing of all the video long

That means 1 hour footage of 1 camera = at least 3 hours of editor’s work. Or even more if we use voice over or/and music over, special effects, animation, etc.

What is the difference:

VCD  (VHS-video cassette aprox. 352 x 240)

DVD(720 x 480)

HD-720p(1280 x 720)

Full HD-1080p(1920 x 1080)

Ultra HD 4K(3840 x 2160)

We don't make DVD for DVD players - because DVD resolution is very low  - 720 x 480.  DVD disk we mean FullHD (1920 x 1080) or 4K video on DVD disk for PC (computers).